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Hey, everyone!  How is everyone since last we spoke?  Things are going great in our part of the world.  We’ve entered our last full month of school (woo hoo!), John and I spent last weekend on a little getaway with some friends and had a blast, and things at the new homestead are moving along!


The builders poured our foundation yesterday, and things are definitely getting real.  Apparently, this part will sit for about a week, and then framing will get started.  I’m really excited, but I’m also feeling the nerves.  There’s a lot of decisions coming down the pike, and I’m very bad at those!

Today I thought I’d share my answers to a blog survey that was making the rounds a few weeks.  Posts like this are always my favorite to read of other bloggers so I wanted to join in the fun!

Five places I’m dying to visit:

England-I’m such an Anglophile, and there’s so much there I want to see.  Luckily, I have a trip planned for next year!


New England-I’ve traveled pretty extensively all over the country, but I’ve never been to the Northeast.  I imagine the whole place as quaint small towns a la Stars Hollow, and I really want to check it out when the leaves are turning!

Maine-I guess technically this could fit in the New England category, but I think it deserves a spot all its own.  Being from my part of the world, Maine feels like an entirely new world.

Canadian Rockies-We visited Waterton National Park a few years ago so I have seen a tiny sliver of that world, but there’s so much more.  I’ve heard so many people marvel at the beauty of places like Jasper, and we all know mountains are  my favorite!

Glacier Vacation 040

Hawaii-This is a new one for me.  I am so far from being a beach person, and I’ve never had a burning desire to visit Hawaii, but the urge has been growing lately.  Any time I see Hawaii on TV I think it can’t possibly look that way, but John assures me it does.  I want to see for myself!

Five foods I eat every day:



Peanut Butter

Turkey Sausage (at least lately-that stuff is good!)

Tea (Not technically a food, but I couldn’t think of another regular one!)

Five talents I wish I had:

Singing-I’ve always wanted to be a singer.  It is hands down the talent I most want to have.

Acting-This actually goes hand in hand with the singing as I would love to be talented enough to be in musical theater.

Creativity in general-I am a self-described intellectual NOT a creative type.  I can’t draw, I can’t decorate, I can’t envision things and then make them happen.  Just not my cup of tea!

Effortless dresser-You know how two people can wear the exact same outfit and one person can look effortlessly stylish while the other really looks like she’s trying hard?  I’m the one who really looks like I’m trying hard.  I think I might can blame this on the creativity thing!

Good with people-I always admire those people who everyone in room likes and wants to be around.  It’s not as though people don’t think me.  I’m just not the funny, charming one.  I’m horribly socially awkward.  I think I get better the more I know someone :)


Five things I wear almost every day:

Sports bra

My backpacking/13.1 one pendant necklace

Sweatshirt-I sleep in one even in the summer!

Tennis shoes

Sunglasses-I’m the goober who has them on during cloudy days.

Five songs I listen to on repeat:

The entire Pitch Perfect soundtrack

Fire and Rain by James Taylor

It’s Too Late by Carole King

The entire Wicked soundtrack

Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks

Five movies I can watch on repeat:

When Harry Met Sally


Pitch Perfect

Dirty Dancing


Christmas Vacation



Five books on my current reading list:

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard-This is the second installment in the fairly new YA series Red Queen.  I finished the first book last week, and LOVED IT.  I actually think this might be my favorite dystopian series since The Hunger Games.

Girl On A Train-I know I’m so behind on this, but I still haven’t read it.  I really want to as it seems like it’s all anyone talks about.

Outlander-Again, so behind.  I actually started it a few months ago, and couldn’t really get into it.  A friend of mine urged me to give it another shot so I’ve recently picked it back up.  I’m definitely more into this time, and I’m really looking forward to rest of the series.

Luckiest Girl Alive-I really enjoyed the very dark Gillian Flynn novels, and, by all indications, this is that type of book for the YA genre.  This one actually came into the library just a few days ago so I expect to get to it soon.


All The Single Ladies:  Unmarried Women and The Rise Of An Independent Nation-I heard the author speak on one of my favorite podcasts (NPR’s Fresh Air!) a few weeks ago, and I am fascinated.  I, of course, have chosen to be married, but we have opted to have an “alternative lifestyle” (no kids!) and, as such, I’m fascinated by stories of people (women, particularly) who choose a different path.  I actually have an Audible credit coming soon, and I think I’m going to use it on this!

Alright, folks, have a fantastic day!

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