Just Add Rock Climbing To My Talents

Hello, friends!  How’s the week?  It’s dreary in our part of the world.  The forecasters are predicting something like 7 inches of rain this week, and I started out my day telling quite a few people that I would punch in the face the next person that told me how much they loved spring.  People are always waxing poetic about spring, and, perhaps, I would as well if I lived somewhere other than Oklahoma.  However, to me spring means allergies, humidity, and endless mud and rain.  I don’t get the appeal.

But enough of my complaining!  I wanted to check in to tell you a little about our rock climbing adventure this last weekend and give you a little update on our house building progress.

Like I said last week, we’ve been talking about rock climbing for awhile now, and the stars aligned this weekend to make it happen.  Right outside of town, there’s a rock wall built under an old train bridge that someone put anchors in many moons ago so we headed out there with our friends Jedd and Whitney Saturday afternoon to give it a go!

You guys, rock climbing is serious business.  My one and only previous “rock climbing” adventure is limited to one of those indoor walls in a Dick’s Sporting Goods when I was in high school.  The real thing is very different!

The four of us took turns going up and down the wall.  I had a few false starts my first time up and a few falls, but I somewhat got the hang of it and managed to make it up to the top (about 25 or 30 feet up) without any major issues.


The second time around went even better, but, man, were my forearms screaming!   I had no idea just how much work that part of your body has to do in this sport, and they definitely got a workout.

For everyone’s last go round, we moved to a different route on the same wall.  This one was MUCH more difficult, and everyone had some issues trying to tackle it.  I was completely unsuccessful.  I think I manage to get about three feet off the ground!  Between the difficult route and my arms being gassed, I just didn’t have it in me to get up that last time.  No worries-I’ll be back to conquer!


All in all, I LOVED rock climbing.  I really love any activity that combines a challenge with physical exertion, and this definitely had both.  John has already been scoping out deals to get a harness for me and shoes for both of us (we had to share with our buds.  Yep, co-mingled sweat.).  I think it’s something we’ll be getting into.  Unfortunately, we may have to wait awhile before I next try.  The wall is located right next to our local river, and usually goes underwater during our heavy spring rains.  This week is not going to do us any favors!

We started to lose the light so we packed up and headed to our new land.  Our other friends, Michael and Hannah, met the four of us out there, and we prepared for a very specific project.


The clearing of our land, of course, left a huge brush pile that had to be burned before they can start the pad, and the weather made Saturday night the optimal time to do it.


This thing was so big!  We stayed out there until around midnight before going home to collapse in bed.  John was back out there at 6 to stoke the coals, and get it going again.  The poor guy worked all day Sunday taking care of it, and the fire reduced the pile pretty significantly.  However, there’s still quite a bit of it left to burn, but the rain is thwarting us!  Nevertheless, we are very close to getting the actual building process started, and I am so excited!  Never fear-I will bombard you all with more pictures of it than you care to see!  Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Just Add Rock Climbing To My Talents

  1. Carrie

    You’re right–rock climbing is tough! I’ve been a handful of times, and my arms are always toast afterward. (The rock climbing experts say this means I need to rely on my legs/lower body more.) There’s nothing like a new activity to take you out of your comfort zone!


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