A Look Back

Hello, friends!  I hope you’re all having a good week.  I’m very pleased to say I’m almost at the end of mine.  We have P/T conferences tomorrow night which means no school on Friday.  Can’t we just all agree to institute four day work weeks already?  I feel like that might be the answer to all world problems.

So in the last few months of 2015, I started thinking about a recap I wanted to do of the entire year of races that Dad and I did.  Then, of course, the incredible busy schedule that is the holidays distracted me followed by a comatose January as I tried to recover from it all.  All that is to say, that a few days ago, it struck me out of the blue that I never did get around to writing it!  So I am here to rectify the situation.

We traveled A LOT in 2015, and saw a quite a big chunk of the country.  Each race was pretty different, and I liked different things about all of them.  So I’ve come up with a few categories and picked my favorite race to put in those columns.  I hope this guide is helpful for those of you who are considering some destination races this year!

Best T-Shirt

This one is hands down the long-sleeve 1/4 zip we got from the Santa Hustle in Indianapolis.  I seriously want to sign up for another one in this series this year just so I can get another!


Best Medal

I’m going to give a nod to the Ft. Smith race on this one.  The medals were huge and pretty cool plus I fought extremely hard for it.  Here’s hoping I get another one next week, and that it’s a little bit easier process!

photo (2)

Best Crowd Support

I’m going to choose the Dallas Rock ‘N Roll for this one.  Not only were there large crowds throughout the entire race course, but we had a large number of family members that made it out to support us there.  I say it every time, but, non-runners, don’t ever underestimate the difference having you there can make!


Best Weather

We could not have had better weather than the September race in Omaha.  September can be hit or miss for us in Oklahoma as far as weather is concerned, but it already felt truly like fall in Nebraska.  The race started out fairly chilly, but quickly warmed up enough to be a perfect autumn day.  I believe the kids would say it was on point.

Friendliest Race

The Albuquerque race had very little going for it, but I can’t say enough about how friendly everyone was.  It was a really small race so that may have contributed to it, but, as we ran along the out and back course, it seemed like everyone we passed said “hello” or “great job!” or “looking good!”.  It was so noticeable that I remember commenting about it during the race!


Most Beautiful Course

Well, I’m sure I’m biased, but this has to be the Colorado Springs race.  You had a great view of the mountains throughout most of the course which makes the actual running part a whole lot easier to handle.


Favorite Overall Course

Without a doubt, this award goes to the Blackberry Mountain Half in Kentucky.  It was a moderately tough course but not too bad, it was beautiful, and NOT BORING which all runners know is very important.

Best Travel Experience

Again, this was our trip to Kentucky because we didn’t just go to Kentucky.  Dad and I are both teachers which means, in June, we had all the time in the world to get there and back.  A few weeks before our race, Dad says, “You know, if we take a southern route home we can hit a few states we’ve never been to.”  We’re both pretty obsessed with checking off all 50 states (I’m sitting at 30 now!) so I was on board with this plan.  That quickly evolved into, “Well, hey, if we’re going to be in South Carolina we might as well see Charleston!”.  We literally drove to Kentucky, raced, drove to Charleston and spent one night, drove home, and we were only gone about four days.  Not many people would’ve enjoyed that trip, but we had a blast!


Favorite Overall Race Experience

You guessed it-Kentucky.  It was just such a fun race.  We loved the course, the area was pretty and shall we say, interesting, and the trip itself was great.  It’s the race we’re still talking about 8 months later, and I would be willing to do it all over again this summer if someone wants to come along!

So there you have it!  It was a really fantastic year, and, although I’m enjoying the break from the constant travel, I miss it already.  Who knows-we may do it again in a year or two! (Don’t tell my husband, ;))

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