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Hello, friends!  Despite my best intentions, I went MIA last week.  I honestly have no excuse other than I’ve been reading a ton lately, and I’ve been picking up a hard back in my free time rather than my computer! However, I’m back today with a Currently post because it has been a hot minute since the last time I wrote one, and they are my favorite way to give you a snapshot of what’s up in my world.


Current books:  I’ve definitely hit a reading sweet spot in the last few months, and I had to hit the library Saturday to refresh my stack.  Last week I polished off Code to Zero by Ken Follett and loved it so I picked up two more of his along with a few others.  I started with The Gilded Life of Matilda Duplaine, and it is starting off sloooow.  However, it’s one of those annoying books that is just intriguing enough to make you stick with it if for no other reason than to find out what the heck is going on.  All I can say is, I hope it’s worth it because it is a hard read for me at this point.

Current music:  My new Audible credit came through over the weekend, and I used it on another one of The Great Courses.  This one is A History of Russia from Peter The Great to Gorbachev, and I’m excited to dive into it.


Current food:   I’ve bought strawberries on my last three grocery trips, and each batch has been a home run.  Let’s see how long my streak lasts.

Current shows:   Recently a show called When Calls The Heart popped up on my Netflix, and I decided to give it a try.  I’m a huge Dr. Quinn fan and this seemed to be in the same vein so why not?  This particular series is based on a set of books by a Christian author which, if I’m being honest, gave me pause.  Generally, I’ve found that Christian literature usually isn’t very good, but I wanted to give this series a shot and I’m glad.  The story lines have a few holes in them and some of the acting leave a little to be desired, but, overall, I really enjoyed it.  The first two seasons are on Netflix right now, and season three starts on Hallmark in February.

Current wish list:   I’d really love a truly delicious Italian meal.  I’ve had such a craving lately!

Current needs:  New jeans!  I’m so awful about shopping for jeans, and I tend to only ever have one or two nice pairs.  The pair I’ve been living in for multiple years now have finally developed a whole.  It’s strategically placed right now so I’m getting away with it, but won’t last for long!

Current triumphs:  My piano lessons are going so well! I’m starting to get into some more challenging pieces, and, though I’m still far from perfect, the nuts and bolts of the playing the piano are starting to make so much more sense.  I’m very excited about it!

Current bane of my existence:   Politics.  Enough said, right?

Current celebrity crush:  In celebration of my below indulgence, here you go:



All of Downton Abbey fandom can keep Matthew Crawley.  Give me Tom Branson!

Current indulgence:  Who are my fellow Downton Abbey fans out there?  I’ve been a huge fan for many years now, and I, along with many others am sad to see it go this season.  Last week’s episode featured a scene with a character from season 1 which led to many of the characters to reminisce about a character no longer alive.  Well, that made me miss some of those old characters, and since Sunday I have binge (re)watched all of season 1 and I’m two episodes into season 2.  This is definitely an indulgence, and, also, impressive when you consider I have a full-time job, a husband who had surgery this week, and various other obligations.  I’m a hugely talented multi-tasker :) 

Current blessing:  A blissfully free schedule.  I have a total of four weekends that have set plans in between now and July, and that makes me so happy.  I’ve been so busy for the last several months, and I really want to slow down this year.  So far, I’m doing a great job :)

Current outfit:  Jeans!  To school!  On a Wednesday!  We were able to pay $5 to wear jeans all week for a National Honor Society fundraiser, and, let me tell you, that’s $5 spent that I don’t even think twice about.  All you teachers out there know what I’m talking about.

Current excitement:   We are very close to breaking ground on our new house!  There’s just a few days of work that needs to be done on the land itself, and then the real fun starts.  Hopefully, I’ll have some progress pictures to show you before too long!

Current mood:   Feelin’ groovy :)


What’s going on with you currently?

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5 thoughts on “Currently: January

  1. Carrie

    Downton fan here! I started tearing up with Sybil came up. She was the best. I had feeling something bad was going to happen during that episode–like Lord Granthom was going to have a heart attack or something.


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