In The Books!

We did it!  Our year of 12 half marathons in 12 states in 12 months is completed, and, if I’m being completely honest, I’m sad to see it come to end.  I may or may not have spent the last two days looking up races that I can do next month :)

But, before we get into my final thoughts on the year, let’s back up and talk about our final race in Indiana this last weekend!  First of all, check out the awesome shirt Caite designed for our final race.


I thought it was really cute, and it’s so handy to have a talented sister!

John, Dad, and I left super early Saturday morning to make the 10 hour drive to Indianapolis.  Yes, I said 10 hours.  Yes, we are crazy people as everyone in our lives have told us the last few days!  It was a long drive, but we made it to Indy around 6 o’clock their time.  It was my first time in Indiana so I was happy to check off two new states on this trip (we drove through Illinois which I had never been to either).


This race was the Santa Hustle, and I was so pumped to end the year with a completely Christmas themed race.  I am ALL about Christmas (as is Dad) so we were in our element.


Packet pickup was held at the JW Marriott in downtown which was decked out with holiday decorations, and part of our packet included a Santa hat.  Not to mention, in lieu of a regular t-shirt, we received a sweet long-sleeved 1/4 zip shirt which I’m wearing as I type this.  Despite the Santa on it, I’m going to be wearing this all winter long!


After pickup, we grabbed dinner and crashed at the hotel.  The next morning race time was at 9:00 so we had plenty of time to sleep in a little and get to the starting line at Lucas Oil Stadium  From what I understand, some important football team plays there :)


The start line was blaring Christmas music, and featured a giant snowman and real-live reindeer.  That had to be our most interesting pre-race selfie!

The race started promptly at nine, and we took off gunning for that sub-2.  I had decided to race sans-watch again in favor of letting Dad pace us.  That works out so much better for me, and that’s probably what will happen in all future races we do together.


My legs were dead at the beginning.  Between a few of the runs I had done last week and sitting in the car for 10 hours, they were just not having it, and it took several miles before they felt all right.  Finally, around mile 5 I started to feel comfortable in our pace, and the next several miles sailed by fairly easily.

The course was mostly flat, which I’ve decided I am not a fan of, and not particularly scenic. However, in Indy’s defense, it’s December, and it was a seriously gray day.  I think it would have been a beautiful course in mid-October!

My energy seriously started to diminish around mile 11, but I knew we were right on the border of making sub-2 so I did my best to push through.  With just under half mile to go, we saw John at the corner, and judging by his yelling I knew I was close to my goal.


As we entered the shoot, I kicked up a notch, and focused on Dad’s voice beside me telling me to go.  I sprinted across the finish line, and, as I stopped, felt my legs go out from underneath me.  Luckily, Dad caught me around the waist, and kept me up right until I found my legs again!  All I remember is asking, “Did I do it?”.  For some reason, the clock wasn’t turned on at the end so I really had no idea what my final time was.


Unfortunately, we were close, but no cigar.  Final time was 2:00:06.  That’s right.  I missed it by seven stinking seconds.  Despite a new PR and, in general, a great race, I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed.  I just knew I had it, and it would have been so poetic to hit it on the last race of the year.

Dad made me feel a little better by saying the conditions just weren’t in our favor this time.  For six months, we had worried about facing snow in Indiana, and, instead, we ran in temperatures that were in the low 60s and crazy humidity.  Even so, those seven seconds still sting.


So our little adventure is in the books.  It was a crazy undertaking, but one of the most memorable and fun years I’ve ever had.  I’m planning a post next week to recap the year in general that I really think you’ll enjoy.  In the meantime, stay tuned for the whatever awesome adventure we think of next!

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4 thoughts on “In The Books!

  1. Diane @ Life of Di.

    Congrats! So exciting to have completed the twelve races. I’m sorry you were seven seconds over your goal but that really is such a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things! You should be so proud of yourself :) I live about three hours from Indy and would love to run this one next year. I could visit my uncle (who lives there) and see some familiar sights (Lucas Oil Stadium + area.) Congrats again lady!

  2. Carrie

    Ahhhh, holy cow! You are so close, friend! Take some time, relax and recover from all these races, and then you’ll be ready to smash that sub-2 goal next year!

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