Happy Monday!  I hope you guys are feeling Marvelous today after a refreshing weekend.  We had gorgeous weather in our part of the world, and I took advantage of it.


Friday night we had a special treat at our house.


Conner called his Uncle John the night before, and wanted to know if he could spend the night.  To be perfectly honest,  I think he was more interested in coming to see Gus and Max than us but we’ll take it!  We cooked burgers, went for ice cream, and watched cartoons (well, Conner and John did!), and had a glimpsed into what parenthood would be like.  We both agreed that we’ll stick with being the cool aunt and uncle instead of mom and dad!


Saturday the weather was in the high fifties and truly beautiful so I took to the streets to get a run in.  Originally, I was only going to do five miles, but my legs were feeling good and I was loving the weather so I decided to go for eight and be done with my long run for the week.


Eight miles in one hour and twenty minutes with a 10:04 pace.  I made a little mistake by starting out faster than I should have causing the end of my run to be much slower.  Ideally, it should be the other way around!  I ran the first 3.5 miles at a 9:40 pace which is pretty fast for me.  Despite that little hiccup, it was a great run and my confidence is really starting to build for my race next month!

I spent the rest of the day getting stuff done around the house followed by a quiet night at home with John.  Sunday was another really beautiful day except for the 500 mile winds that were blowing!  When I stepped outside and felt that, I was particularly glad I had gotten my long run in the day before.

We spent quite a bit of time working with dogs on Sunday.  I’m working on that January goal!  We even went for our first family walk.  Gus isn’t sure about the leash.  He tends to regard it has a prop for a game of tug of war!  We’re getting there!


Because the weather was so wonderful, I started thinking about spring which made me think about backpacking which naturally led to some experimentation with the food dehydrator.  The only thing I really had to work with were some apples so I cut up two, sprinkled cinnamon on top, and let it do it’s thing.  They turned out wonderfully, and I think I’ve found a new favorite snack!


And that brings us to another Marvelous Monday!  Have a great start to the week everyone!

What did you do this weekend?

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8 thoughts on “Gorgeous!

  1. Alex @ therunwithin

    so question for you – I am looking at buying a dehydrator with a gift card I bought. what is the best watt to get? or what should I look for? also adorable little puppy you have going on there, I want a puppy badly!

    1. Natalie @ Free Range Human Post author

      I saw that! I can’t believe the traffic! Although I’m certain it was worth it once you got there. The temperatures are nice right now, but, honestly, I’m the type of person that likes it to be cold when it’s suppose to be cold so I won’t mind when that comes back!

  2. Abby @ Change of Pace

    I LOVE the new puppy photos, and of course the ones of Max, too!
    Way to run! I’m excited for your half; you are so well on your way!
    We actually have two dehydrators. Harold has a lot of allergies and intolerances including most meat products. So we dehydrate sweet potatoes for him. He absolutely loves them and they don’t have any of the junk most store-bought sweet potato treats have in them!

    1. Natalie @ Free Range Human Post author

      Thank you :) I’m really excited for the half! We actually dehydrated a bunch of sweet potatoes for our big backpacking trip last summer, and I loved them. I can’t believe I forgot about it. Looks like I’m going to be playing with it a lot more in the future :)


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