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Good morning!  Let’s hop right into a round of Thursday Thoughts!

1. Today is the first official day of Christmas break, and I am so excited.  Our students don’t realize that we are just as ready for some time off as they are.  At this point in the year, we are all a little beaten down, and this opportunity to recharge our batteries is much appreciated!

2.  I started my first day off with an 8:30 Crossfit class followed by 4.5 miles.  I actually did my miles outside today!  The wind is pretty strong today so the first couple of miles were pretty difficult which just proves that I need to do more of my running outside.  I have to get used to running in the elements.

3.  I am writing this blog post on my brand new laptop.  My old one was seven years old and on it’s absolute last leg.  I’ve needed a new one for ages, and when I woke up on my birthday there was a brand new one sitting on the table!  John ended up deciding that he wanted to get me another one, however, so we took the original present back and this one showed up on our doorstep a few days. ago.  Isn’t it beautiful?


4.  I think there is a distinct possibility that I need to give up Facebook.  If you’ve been on there in the last 24 hours, you likely know the latest scandal I’m referring to.

5.  Our Christmas traveling schedule is about to get crazy.  We’re heading home tomorrow to do a Christmas together with one side of my family.  Sunday it’s back to Poteau, and then back down to my mom’s on Tuesday evening.  Oh, and then it’s back to Poteau on Wednesday afternoon.  This time of year gets very hectic!

6.  I’m tossing around ideas for the new Christmas tradition that I want John and I to adopt.  My current frontrunner involves this classic.



Best Christmas movie ever!

7.  I got a very interesting letter in the mail last week.  I got picked for jury duty!  The paperwork part of it starts tomorrow, and I’m actually so nerdy that I’m excited about it!  I’ve always wanted to be picked for jury duty, and I think it’s going to be very interesting.

8.  Tuesday evening we had our local town Christmas parade.  Mr. Fireman rode in the fire truck and had fun throwing candy to all the people lining the streets, and I managed to snap a quick picture.


Sponge Bob and his gang even showed up!


9.   My plan for the rest of the day involves Christmas baking.  I have a list of sweets and treats that I’m making for friends.  Speaking of that, I should probably go get started.  Have a fantastic day everyone!

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?  What holiday treats are you making for the holidays?

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