Avoiding Controversy

1.  It’s Thursday, and that’s especially exciting this week because the kids are out of school tomorrow.  We have to go for professional development, but it’s a short day and it will give us a little bit of a breather.  I need it this week!

2.  We’re having Parent/Teacher Conference at school this evening, and I always get so nervous.  I’ve told you all how socially awkward I can be, and I hate the idea of having to talk to random strangers.  I also get so afraid that the parents are all going to come in with some bone to pick with me.  I know it’s ridiculous, but it makes me anxious!

3.  I mentioned the other day that I’ve been reading Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham.  I have to admit-I originally picked it up because who doesn’t wan to read a book written by Lorelai Gilmore?  Now I’m so glad I did.  It’s such a funny story, and I swear the main character reminds me of Lorelai which begs the question-How much of herself did Lauren Graham channel into that character when she was on that show?




4. I recently signed up for a free Netflix trial that I’ve been using on my phone while I’m on my treadmill or performing other mundane tasks.  While I was browsing through the selection of TV shows and movies, I noticed that The Wonder Years was available.  Do any of you remember that show?  I was very young when it was on TV, but I’ve always loved it and it’s been so fun to watch Winnie, Kevin, and Paul again.




5.  Speaking of TV, who’s excited that the fall shows start back up next week?  You know I’m ridiculously addicted to so many, and I’m ready to have all my favorite characters back on the small screen.  Don’t be surprised if I do an entire post about it next week!

6.  I recently made the best discovery.  I’ve been reading about Biscoff spread on blogs for over a year now, but I just picked up my first jar about a month ago.  Did you guys know this stuff tastes just like Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter?  That realization made my entire month since I live quite far from a TJ’s.

7.  I’m actually a little glad that I have to stay a school for a little while longer this evening.  I’m still feeling like I can’t keep my head above water with everything I have to do this year, and the extra hours will force me to take care of some of my to-do list.

8.  I saw something on TV the other day that made me think quite a lot, and I’d really like to share it with all of you.  I’m hesitating because it’s a little controversial, and it’s always my inclination to avoid confrontation and controversy.  I’m still giving it some thought, but I think I may talk about it next week. Stay tuned!

9.  So I’ve got my second 5K coming up on Saturday.  I’m actually not nervous this time around.  Last weekend made me realize I’m capable of more than I think.  I’m hoping I can still stay under that 35 minute mark!  It shouldn’t be a problem, but I never know what my legs are going to feel like.

photo (39)

10.  I wanted to make it an even ten, so I’ll finish up my Thursday Thoughts by saying that I hope you all have a wonderful night and remember-we’ve made it to the end of the week!

What’s on your mind today?  Which show are you most looking forward to next week?

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8 thoughts on “Avoiding Controversy

  1. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I have totally been using NETFLIX to watch Gossip Girl. LOL!! I am mid-way (maybe almost done) with season 3. I am HOOKEDDDDDD like Captain Hook! It’s ridiculous. I didn’t think I would be… BOOM! I am. lol

  2. myownbalance

    I am so looking forward to watching new fall shows! I made a list so I wouldn’t forget the ones I like (because it seems like they took a break forever ago!). I think I may have to let them pile up on my DVR for a bit though because I’m going to be busy!

  3. Nicole @ FruitnFitness

    I remember watching wonder years, I think it was on nick at night. I didn’t know netflix had a free trial, I may have to do that! I have been thinking about canceling cable since it’s only ever on for Tyler to watch sports. I hope your parent teacher meetings go well.

  4. Kalee Sorey

    I hope parent-teacher conferences went well — I taught for a year and half and they always made me nervous too. They always brought their kid/the student too. I hated talking about them right on the spot. Hopefully you didn’t have many show up! :)

    I also love Gilmore Girls!! :) Also Netflix is amazing. I can’t wait to watch Buffy because I’ve never seen it. We’ve also tackled Wonder Years on there too! :)

    Kalee @ SoreyFitness.com

    1. Natalie @ Free Range Human Post author

      They went pretty well, and, thankfully, most of them didn’t bring their students. I agree-that’s so awkward!! I am so addicted to Gilmore Girls. My aunt bought me the complete series last year, and I watch it constantly!


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