Mother Nature Wins!

It is a momentous day in the Ford household.  After four years of living in our house, this happened last night.

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That’s right.  For four long years, we haven’t had doors on our closets.  We just like having all our business hang out there for everyone!  Seriously, I told you last week that we’ve been bitten by the home improvement bug once again, and we decided to start with an easy fix.  Of course, they still have to be painted and installed so, knowing us, it could be another few weeks before they’re actually in, but this is progress, people!

So I thought I’d start telling you about the last week of our vacation today.  We spent the first half of our trip on a portion of the Colorado Trail, but then decided to head over to Ouray and do some trails in that area.


My dad was always suppose to meet us for a few days during the last part of our trip, so when we decided to change direction we called him and told him to head to Ouray.  He said he’d be there by Monday so John and I took Saturday and Sunday off while John started planning a new route for us.

He put together a four day trip, and, as soon as Dad rolled into town, we headed up into the mountains by way of the Bear Creek Trail.


Since we were getting a late start, we planned on doing a short four mile day to get to camp the first evening.  It may have only been four miles, but they were incredibly steep!  There were a couple of points where the trail became very narrow, and just over the side was very long drop off.  It was a bit nerve wracking at times!


Our destination that night was an old abandoned mine called the Yellowjacket.  We were almost there when the sky began to look ominous so we found a place to camp and dropped our packs.  Unfortunately, we weren’t fast enough.  Before we could get the tents up, the skies opened up and it started to pour.  All three of us and all of our gear quickly became drenched, and all we could do was wait it out.


It did finally stop long enough to get camp set up and cook dinner.  We hung out in my dad’s tent for a little while, and then decided it was time to call it a night.  Moments after crawling into our sleeping bags, things got really interesting.  Storms rolled in once again, and this time they were intense.  It poured rain, and the thunder and lightning were right on top of us.  We were literally sitting ducks, and all we could do was pray we got lucky!  It was definitely a harrowing night.


The next morning with our spirits low and our gear drenched, we decided it was time to say Mother Nature had won this trip.  We were wet, cold, and tired so the best decision was to go back down to town and spend the rest of the week day hiking.  And that’s exactly what we did!

We did a few great day hikes while we were in the area, and I’ll detail those in the next week or so.  For now, the lesson to learn here is that when Mother Nature is involved you have to be willing to be fluid with your plans!


Now I’m off to do some work on lesson plans.  It is that time of year after all!  Have a great day!

Have you ever been in a scary weather situation?

Bear Creek Trail to Yellowjacket Mine

Distance:  4.3 miles

Elevation Gain:  2,300ft.

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12 thoughts on “Mother Nature Wins!

  1. Emily

    I work as a wilderness ranger in the San Juan National Forest. These storms are like a nightly occurrence during the monsoon season. I have been stuck in many a storm this summer and drenched to the bone while clearing trails and camping in the backcountry. Totally worth it though to see the country out there almost untouched by man. I have learned that you just have to go with the flow with Mother Nature and let her do what she will. I agree that southwestern CO is absolutely gorgeous. I am wondering about the snow though since this winter will be my first here.

    1. Natalie @ Free Range Human Post author

      Wow, Emily! You have what I consider a perfect job! Seeing the beauty that is basically untouched is exactly the reason I backpack-well put! Thank you so much for the work that you do. There are at least two backpackers far away in Oklahoma that truly appreciate it!


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