It Screams Summer!

Hello, friends!  It’s Wednesday once again, and I started to panic a little this morning because I already feel like my summer is going by way too fast.  I’m always ready to go back to school, but I don’t want to feel like the summer flew by!  I suppose I just need to get every ounce of enjoyment I can out of it!

Of course Wednesday means it’s time for What I Ate Wednesday, and, although I don’t have delicious vacation food to highlight like last week, I do have a few scrumptious things to tell you about!

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Since I’m on summer break I don’t have to rush around in the morning which means I can expand my horizons for breakfast.  That basically translates into the fact that I’ve been having pancakes a lot more often than usual!  Yesterday was such a day, and I broke out Skinnytaste’s Brownie Batter Pancakes.  This recipe means I can have chocolate for breakfast and still call it healthy,  I’m so on board with that!



Of course I topped it with a little peanut butter.  In case you didn’t know, peanut butter and chocolate is the best combination ever invented.  No question.

Lunch has been pretty similar to what I always eat (creature of habit people!), but I have been eating quite a bit of a certain food that screams summer to me.


I love yellow squash, and I’ve been to the produce stand at least three times since it opened to replenish my supply.  I usually just slice it up, sprinkle it with  whatever spices sound good, and roast it for about twenty minutes.  It’s easy and so good!

You know what’s coming next.  One of these days I might get tired of my daily yogurt bowls, but I don’t see it happening any time soon.  Yesterday’s selection was a Chobani Raspberry.  I’m still loving this flavor!


I have found a new granola that’s delicious. My local grocery store has added a Vanilla Cherry Granola in the bulk bins that I can’t stop eating.  It’s delicious, and it has dried cherries sprinkled throughout.  It can’t take the place of my beloved Love Grown or Love Crunch, but it’ll do until I can replenish my supply!


Dinner last night was one of my favorite meals.  Years ago I found the recipe for Bacon, Ranch, and Chicken Mac and Cheese in my Cooking Light magazine, and I’ve been making it ever since.  I usually leave out the bacon because I don’t want to smell up the house for just two pieces, but I generally keep everything else the same.  It’s a great recipe, and it’s easy enough for a week night meal.  If you’re a mac and cheese fan, you should give it a try!



Last week I picked up a new chocolate ice cream bar by Skinny Cow at the grocery store, and they’ve been a perfect after dinner snack.  It’s not super small like most “healthy” frozen treats, but it’s still just 100 calories.  Perfect to satisfy an after dinner sweet tooth!


Alright, I’m off to enjoy a little bit of summer time fun.  Have a great day!

What food says summer time to you?

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8 thoughts on “It Screams Summer!

  1. Nicole @ FruitnFitness

    Berries and mellon always remind me of summer! I have been eating a yogurt bowl with lots of fresh fruit and granola for breakfast almost every day recently. It’s just SO good! I usually make my own granola to use because grocery store ones always seem so expensive and I eat way too much of it.

  2. Carrie

    I’m currently munching on Two Mom’s in the Raw granola–gluten free and super tasty! Oh, and my mom loves those Skinny Cow bars; like she eats them for dessert every single night, so good choice on your part! :)

  3. aftertheivyleague

    Mmm! That bacon ranch mac and cheese sounds so good! I need to remember recipes from magazines more often. I’ll often bookmark a page to try it later and then pretty much always forget about it. Woops!


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