Praying For Moore

Friends, this will not be a light and happy post today.  I’m sure you’ve all heard the horrific news about the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma that affected so many yesterday.  I can’t believe the images that I’m seeing on the news, and my heart is broken for the victims.

I’ve been an Oklahoman my entire life, and, thought sometimes I have a contentious relationship with my state, I feel it very keenly when it’s hurting.  Growing up here, we learn early what tornadoes can do, and we always keep a very close eye on the skies from March to June.  Yesterday is every Oklahoman’s worst fears come to life.  Thankfully, all of my loved ones in the Moore area are safe and accounted for today, but the same cannot be said for so many.

Already we’re seeing local organizations mobilizing support for those affected.  For those of you not in our area, but would like to help, the following is a list of several organizations that could desperately use your donations.

American Red Cross

Salvation Army

Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief

These are the three biggest organizations on the ground.  However, there are several more working diligently.  For more information on some of the other ways to get involved, please see the full list here.

Please remember and pray for the victims today, and hug your loved ones a little closer.


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6 thoughts on “Praying For Moore

  1. Reluctantly Skinny

    Thanks info. So glad you’re loved ones are safe, but such a tragedy that others are not so lucky. This pretty much sums up how I felt after Sandy last November…it’s terrible to see your state and maybe people you know go through this. I’ll keep everyone in my prayers!

  2. aftertheivyleague

    I just now turned on the coverage to watch while I catch up with blogging. Couldn’t help but think of you and am relieved that you and your friends and family are ok. There are so many who are not though. I’m in tears watching the news right now. It’s just so horrible.

  3. Heidi Nicole

    I immediately thought about you when I heard about the tornado {not until this AM, I was detached from the news yesterday} and I am so glad you are safe…and the same goes for everyone you know! This is so sad and scary!

  4. Jorie

    I’m so glad your family is safe — I immediately thought of you when I heard about Moore. That poor community. We are all thinking of them! I saw the news about Kevin Durant donating $1M to relief efforts. It’s nice to hear good news like that in a time of tragedy.


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