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Does any one else find Thursdays a terrible tease?  You can feel the weekend.  Everything is starting to relax a little, and all the fun things you have planned are almost a reality.  Then it hits you-you still have to get through one more day!  I’m mostly being dramatic, but you better believe I actually feel that way this particular week.  And it’s not just anxiety to get vacation under way.  I’m sure some of my fellow teachers out there can relate when I say that high school kids the week before spring break are a special kind of hyper.  They’ve been bouncing off the walls all week!  They’re pretty good hearted about it though so you can’t help but love them!

Let’s switch gears just a minute.  I wanted to share something that I think a lot of you will be interested in.  Many of you remember when I made my 30 Before 30 list on my last birthday.  My sister was helping me think of different things to put on it, and one thing she suggested was joining the national bone marrow registry.  I’ve given blood for years, and, while signing up for the registry is definitely more of a committment, I really like the idea of helping someone who needs it.  I immediately put that one on the list.  Then, of course, I forgot about it.  I added it to 30 Before 30, and then promptly when on with life.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago when my sister told me she finally signed up.  This was the kick start I needed so I googled (<—-yes, that’s a verb) it and found myself on the Be The Match website.  I read the literature they provided, took a very brief health-related survey, and was informed by kit was in the mail.



Before I knew it, my kit was in the mail!  This is where I have to apologize because I had another blogger fail.  I got my kit, followed the instructions, stuck it back in the mail, and then realized I had forgotten to take a single picture of the process!  It was really simple though.  The “kit” was actually an enevolpe that contained four cotton swaps, a foam container to put them in, and a “No postage necessary” envelope to return it all.  I swapped the inside of my cheeks, stuck it all in the envelope, and put it back in the mail within ten minutes.  It’s that easy!  Now I just have to wait.  Perhaps I will be matched with someone who needs me.  If not, my name will be taken off the registry when I’m 61.  In the mean time, I know that I’m ready and willing if someone needs me.

Here’s the thing.  There are people out there who need all of us.  Last week I mentioned that my sister had received some bad news about her sister-in-law.  My brother-in-law and sister aren’t completely comfortable sharing a ton about her situation on the blog, but I can tell you that she was recently diagnosed with leukemia.  This is the third time that she’s been invaded by this cancer, and a bone marrow transplant is probably imminent.



I wanted to share that to illustrate the need that’s out there for regular people to step up.  Cancer is something that has stricken people close to all of us, and I truly believe, if we do it together, we can fight back.  I hope you all will discuss it with your family, and, if you decide it’s right for you, please go to the Be The Match website and get some more information!

Ok, I won’t to leave you with something a little more upbeat.  In case you didn’t know, (<—-sarcasm sign!) I’m headed to Colorado in a little over 24 hours to enjoy some skiing!


Colorado holds so many memories, and, for me, memories and music go hand in hand.  Often, music evokes memories of a place, and I can’t tell  you how many times John hears me say “This song reminds me of Colorado.”  So today I want to share with you my Colorado playlist.  This is group of songs that never fails to make me think of “home”, and I hope you love them too!


Alright, it’s time to finish up the packing!  Have a great evening!

Are you on the bone marrow registry?  What’s a song that evokes a powerful memory for you?

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21 thoughts on “Be The Match

  1. Reluctantly Skinny

    I’ve always wanted to add myself to the registry. My best friend growing up had Leukemia, and I believe she needed marrow transplants. I think I might sign up through this kit now, what a great idea!

  2. Natalie O (@WillJogForFood)

    There are lots of songs that provide instant flashbacks for me! One not so good song that reminds me of great memories is Hit Me Baby One More Time. It always makes me think of watching TRL in the college dorms with my friends. Good times :)

  3. Kim

    Good for you! Not enough people take the initiative to do things like that. Including me, but I should look into it.

    I did give blood yesterday for the first time in eons. My blood pressure was on the low end of normal though, so I had to vigorously squeeze a stress ball the entire time to keep the blood flowing, and then got really woozy right afterwards. At least I managed to fill the bag so I didn’t do it for nothing :p

    And have a GREAT ski trip!

  4. Jorie

    Wow, I had no idea that was how the bone marrow registry worked! Good on ya for signing up, Natalie. You really are such a caring person! It’s inspiring. And PS yay for Colorado!

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