How’s Tuesday treating everyone?  Only three more days until vacation so I’m riding high today.  I will probably be very obnoxious about it for the next few days.  I apologize ahead of time!  I”ve spoken many times on the blog about how much I love Colorado.  I really feel more at home there than here even though I’ve never actually lived anywhere in the state.  Every time I know I’m going back, I get slightly manic with excitement!  Trust me-I’m annoying everyone in my real life too :).

I’m especially stoked for this trip because I didn’t ski at all last year.  I try to go once a year, but because Glacier was such a big trip for 2012, skiing didn’t make the cut.  Not to mention that when we skied in 2011, it was in Oregon.  Let me tell you-Oregon skiing is a whole different ballgame than skiing in the Rockies, and I wasn’t the biggest fan.  I loved Oregon; just not the skiing!  That means it’s been three years since I’ve really gotten some decent time on the slopes, and I have a ton of pent up energy just waiting to tear it up!


Ok, I now officially promise not to mention it again (for the rest of today!).  Let’s talk about something else that I ran across last week.  Miranda posted a “Currently” survey, and I thought it was cute way to take a snapshot of life right now.


Current books:  My dad recommended a new author, Brad Meltzer, to me a few weeks ago, and I’ve devoured three of his books so far.  Right now, I’m reading “Fifth Assassin.”  I love historical fiction, and these books add a healthy dose of mystery and intrigue.


Current music:  I have the John Denver station playing on Pandora.  The current song right as I type this is “Mrs. Robinson” by Simon and Garfunkel.  Can’t beat the oldies!

Current guilty pleasure:  I guess I need to say my banana chips.  I am so addicted to these things.  I go through an embarrassing amount every week, and I know they aren’t great for me!

Current nail color:  Au naturale!  I never ever paint my nails.  They need to at least be filed right  now though!


What do you think?  Is it time for a manicure?

Current drink:  As always, water and tea are my drinks of choice.  Occassionally I’ll treat myself to a Sobe or Vitamin Water.  Recently I discovered Snapple’s Half & Half.  It’s half lemonade and half tea.  It’s delicious!

Current food:  We’re about to have egg sandwiches for dinner, and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve been craving eggs lately!

Current favorite show:  Oh gosh.  This is like trying to pick a favorite child.  I’ll tell you a new one I’ve gotten into.  I started watching Scandal a few weeks ago, and I am now officially as obsessed as the rest of America has been for a while.  It’s really good!

Current wish list:  Chocolate

Current needs: Chocolate.  Specifically this.


Current triumphs:  I am doing so well on my plank and push up challenge!

Current bane of my existence: The dog next store who never quits barking!

Current celebrity crush:  I have developed a serious thing for Chris Hemsworth.  I don’t normally get hot and bothered over celebrities, but he’s gorgeous!


And who doesn’t love this guy?


Current indulgence:  It’s actually been far too long since I’ve indulged in anything.  I need to fix that.  Oh, I have a massage scheduled in a few weeks.  That definitely counts!

Current excitement:  I’m not even going there!

Current mood:  Fabulous!

Now it’s your turn.  Answer some of the “currently” questions for yourself!


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23 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Jorie

    I just had THREE chocolate eggs today — someone brought them into work and I couldn’t resist. The peanut butter to chocolate ratio is somehow SO much better in egg form. Nice job with the oldies on Pandora — that’s all I usually listen to. I recommend “Fleetwood Mac” station because it plays a lot of Fleetwood Mac, but also a ton of really calming oldies. It’s great for getting ready in the morning.

    I understand your Colorado excitement! I can’t wait to see pics. PS Can you give me a quick synopsis what “Scandal” is about? Everyone keeps talking about it and I feel left out of the loop.

    1. Natalie @ Free Range Human Post author

      If I had more than one laying around at a time, I would have no will power either! I’ll give the Fleetwood Mac station a try. I get a little of them on the stations I listen to now, but not enough!

      Ok, Scandal. Now keep in mind, I’ve only seen about 5 or 6 epsisodes and they’re all from this season, but I think I’ve got it down. In centers around Olivia Pope ( Kerry Washington) who runs this political consulting firm. She originally helped get the current president elected, and then they fell in love and had an affair. Apparently, he and the First Lady can only stand each other about half the time. During the election (I guess this all happened last season, but it’s just coming to certain people’s attention now) she and some of his advisors plus a Supreme Court judge were involved in rigging the election so Fitz (the president) would win. There’s also some other drama going on with some of her employees, someone attempted to assasinate Fitz, and now he’s figured out that they rigged the election so he’s not talking to anyone. I’m sure this is very convulted, but I’m still playing catch up. If you’re interested in politics at all and the back room salacious dealings, you’ll love it 😉

      1. Jorie

        OMG, thank you for this summary, Natalie! I keep hearing people talk about it, but no one was giving me a really straight plot rundown. I definitely want to check this out. I love Kerry Washington!

  2. erinksage

    I hate a non-stop barking dog…. And I actually like dogs!

    Have you seen this picture of Chris Hemsworth with his daughter?

    (and I don’t normally get all gooey over men with their children…)

    My current drink: I’m literally drinking a Molson right now (no worries, it’s 615pm), paired with…
    My current food: a package of peanut butter crackers (snack to hold me over til dinner in a couple hours with my husband when he gets off work…)

    1. Natalie @ Free Range Human Post author

      That’s adorable! I’m a dog person as well, but this one drives me nuts. I’m actually more mad at our neighbors. They don’t treat that dog very well or teach her anything which is why she barks her head off all the time!

  3. Molly

    There is something about the holiday Reese’s that come out that are SO much better than the normal ones! It’s gotta be a difference in the peanut butter to chocolate ratio or something. YUM! :) I’ve never heard of that author, but I get into historical fiction from time to time, so I’ll have to add it to my Goodreads list – do you use Goodreads? Love the site!


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