Reasons to Not (Completely) Hate Spring

And just like that February is over!  I swear it seems like I was just taking down Christmas decorations.  Normally, this time of year puts me in a funk because I have something really shocking to admit to all of you.  I am probably one of the only people on earth that hates spring.  Seriously, I hate it.  I know most everyone in the world is anxiously awaiting its arrival, but it’s just not my cup of tea.  I have a few legitimate reasons for this.  Obviously, you guys know I’m a much bigger fan of cold weather.  Spring also means torrential downpours or 100 mph winds in Oklahoma.  Not to mention, that I suffer from allergies pretty badly, and my trash can at work is already filled to the brim with tissue.


But, because I’m not interested in being Debbie Downer, let’s talk about some of the reasons why spring and the imendping summer (have I mentioned it feels like we live on the face of the sun during the summer?  Ok, I’m done.  I promise!) aren’t going to be that bad this year.


As you can see, I have so many things happening that give me lots of reasons to be excited.  The ski trip is coming up very, very soon, and I am so ready!  Will you guys hold it against me if I mention it everyday until we leave?

In other news, since the last day of February is upon us that means it’s Foodie Pen Pal reveal day!  Once again, I had so much fun participating, and I have a great box of goodies to share with you guys today.


For those of you who might be new readers, Foodie Pen Pals is a program that Lindsey has put together that allows you to connect with other people through something we all love-food!  Each month you receive the name and address of your pen pal.  You then have about ten days to round up a box full of yummy goodies to send to that person.  The best part is that someone is also doing the same thing for you!  So mid-month you can look forward to a box much like this showing up on your doorstep.


This month Sonya received my name.  This was a really fun pairing because it turns out Sonya is also from Oklahoma!  In fact, she grew up right down the road from where I live now.  Small world, huh?

Sonya did some digging on the blog, and decided to put together a box of treats that would be great to take on the trail.  Granola bars are staple for us during backpacking trips, so these babies will come in very handy.


She also included a box of tea which is one of my favorite treats to have around the campfire at the end of a long day of hiking.


These Apple Chips didn’t survive long enough to go backpacking.  I’ve been seeing this item around my local grocery store lately, but I hadn’t partaken yet.  Let me tell you, I will be now.  They are so delicious!


I did dig into this next item when I opened the box, but managed to keep it to just a handful.  These peanut brittle coated peanuts are so good!  Anything that’s candied is alright in my book, and these will give us a nice break from our typical peanuts and almonds on the trail.


I think I’m most excited about this next item.  I’ve never had taboli, but I’m always interested in experimenting with different ethnic foods.  I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I’m anxiously awaiting my opportunity.  I have to wait for a night when it’s just me for supper.  I don’t think John would go for it!


That’s another month of Foodie Pen Pals in the books, and I’ve already signed up for March.  I think you all should participate as well.  I’d love to get paired with one of my readers!  If you’re interested, you can sign up here.  Have a great evening everyone!

Are you a Foodie Pen Pal?  Spring-love it or hate it?

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19 thoughts on “Reasons to Not (Completely) Hate Spring

  1. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    Your FPP box looks so fun! Taboli is delicious – you will love it :) I would say that spring definitely isn’t my favorite season. I hate jumping through puddles and getting soaked on my walk into work but by this time of year I am so over winter, any other season is welcoming!

  2. Jorie

    I love the idea of pen pal food boxes. Apple crisps will always remind me of childhood — a staple snack at the Larsen home! :) And Natalie, March is my least favorite month of the year so you’re not alone. In Chicago, it typically means the snow is over, and we can even have an occasional 60 or 70 degree day, but for the most part, everything is this disgusting, slushy color of brown and yellow. Everything is dead! It’s gross. April starts to get pretty but isn’t usually too much of an improvement. So spring is by far my least favorite season, although nothing compares to those first couple of 70 degree days!

  3. Molly

    When you said “I don’t really like spring” I was like WHAT?! But I think your reasons of downpours & 100 mph winds is completely legit. I’d hate those too. And my allergies are killer and not nearly as bad as yours, so I can’t even imagine :(

  4. Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily

    I thought I was all alone in my love of cold weather! Sometimes I feel like I live in the north pole, but I would much rather be cold and have to bundle up then feel as if I’m melting the moment I step outside.

    I’m signing up for foodie penpals right now!


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