WIAW: Experiments!

Good afternoon all!  It’s Wednesday once again which means that it’s time for WIAW.  This week I’m structuring things a bit differently due to one very specific reason.  Late yesterday afternoon I was called back home for a family emergency.  I’m currently spending some time with my family dealing with this situation, and my eats today have been random and all over the place.  Instead of subjecting you to those kinds of uninteresting meals, I thought I’d take today to share some of the things I’ve been experimenting with lately!


I made a public committment last week to finally try overnight oats.  Overnight oats is a sensation I’ve seen around the blog world since I first hooked into this healthy living community, and it’s taken me this long to test it out.  My blogger license could be revoked for saying this, but I honestly don’t understand what all the fuss was about.

Here’s the mixture I used:

1/3 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup Dark Chocolate Silk Almond Milk

1 tsp. cocoa powder

pinch of cinnamon


I mixed it all together, put it in the fridge, and waited until morning to be wowed.  I topped it with my usual peanut butter and apple, and all I can say is this dish was just alright.  Perhaps I did something wrong?

Since the overnight oats were a miss, I thought I’d share another breakfast recipe I tried last weekend that was a definite homerun.


I found this recipe for brownie batter pancakes, and I was immediately intrigued.  Not only is this a healthy recipe, but it’s also a single serving recipe.  John and I don’t often agree on our favorite breakfast recipes so single serving pancake recipes are perfect for me!  These were every bit as delicious as they look, and I encourage you to have them immediately.  Breakfast for dinner anyone?


Next up, I have a lunch recipe that I put together last week.  I have a half-used jar of marinara sauce hanging out in the fridge, and around lunch time on Saturday it suddenly occurred to me that it would be a great base for a mini-pizza.  I spread the sauce on top of a whole-wheat wrap, and topped it with a mixture of cheddar, mozzarella, and Gouda cheeses along with a handful of spinach.  This was so good, and I’m only sorry that this has to remain a weekend dish.  Do you think I could sneak a toaster oven into the library so I can create this during the week?


The last thing I have to share isn’t an experiment but rather a new granola bar I found on the grocery store shelves this week.  I’ve a huge fan of the Kashi Soft N’ Chewy Bars Banana Chocolate Chip so when I noticed they had a new apple flavor, picking up a box was a no-brainer.  These did not disappoint, and I think they may be even better than the banana!

That’s all for me today!  Thanks for putting up with a slightly different WIAW.  I know you guys understand that family always comes first, so I bet I’m already forgiven.  Have a good evening!

What am I doing wrong with overnight oats?  Which Kashi bar is your favorite?

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16 thoughts on “WIAW: Experiments!

  1. Miranda @ Biting Life

    Maybe try making the oats with a little bit more liquid? Since it’s absorbing the milk for so much longer, sometimes it needs a little bit more to make it that creamy texture. Did you heat it up? Some people like cold overnight oats, but I definitely like mine hot.

  2. Khushboo Thadani

    I LOVE overnight oats….you missed the key ingredient: chias…they add so much texture and a bit of oomph to the whole meal! Please give ’em another shot! If chias aren’t your thing, try making overnight oats with yogurt (just replace half the milk quantity)- this version tastes even better!

  3. kelseyruns

    I had the same experience with overnight oats. I also just thought they were alright, maybe I did something wrong too? Can’t wait to try that mini pizza looks so good!


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