Yes, Please Pump Me Full Of Hormones!

Update:  As you guys can tell, I’m making some changes around here.  I finally went self-hosted!!  Please hang with me while I get the page back up to snuff.  In the meantime, please read this post that was suppose to go up yesterday.  I’d really love to hear your thoughts!


Did you guys know that today is a very special day?  It’s National Peanut Butter Day!


I am a huge fan of all things peanut butter, and I happen to believe that there is no better combination in this world than peanut butter and chocolate.  Of course, I had peanut butter in my oatmeal this morning, but, as an additional way to celebrate this momentous occasion, I decided to bake a little this afternoon!


I ran across the recipe on Pinterest a while ago, and I decided today was the perfect day to use it.  Luckily, I had some questionable brown bananas just begging to be made into bread.


This smelled amazing while it was cooking!  Unfortunately, I had already promised to make some banana bread for the hospitality room tomorrow night so this loaf was spoken for.  It took all the willpower I had not to dive headlong into it.  If I get any feedback, I’ll let you know how it turns out!

The Big Question

So, if you’ll allow me to switch gears for a moment, I want to talk about a serious issue today.  Before I go any further, if you are my father, stepfather, or father-in-law, you may want to wave goodbye for today and come back tomorrow.  Things may get a wee bit uncomfortable for you!

I told you several months ago that John and I are leaning toward not having a children.  At the very least, we’re not ready to have one anytime soon (do not make a crack about my age!) which obviously means that we have to use some form of birth control.

I’ve been on a birth control pill since I was 18.  Previously, I had irregular periods for years sometimes going as long as 10 months without one.  I had my first OBGYN appointment right after I graduated high school, and my doctor decided the best option was to go on the pill.  Fairly soon after, I started experiencing an amazing amount of hair loss.  I’ll spare you the details, but I shed like crazy!  I mentioned it to my doctor from time to time, but she wasn’t overly helpful with the matter.

About 6 months ago, I started doing research and discovered that the most likely culprit was the birth control.  At my yearly appointment in September, I discussed it with my doctor (a new one!), and we decided to switch the pill I was taking.  Enter the most uncomfortable few months of my life.  I’ve been having headaches, I’ve gained 5lbs., and I feel constantly bloated.  Not to mention the fact that it didn’t even stop the hair loss!  I finally decided I’d had enough, called my doctor, and I’ve sinced started taking a new pill.  It’s too soon to tell if this one is any better.

All of this has led me to do even more research on birth control pills and other methods.  The more I read, the more I become uncomfortable with the idea that I have been putting additional hormones into my body for so long.  I’m just not convinced that there has been enough research to determine the long term effects of those hormones on a woman’s body.  I’ve also heard countless woman say that they feel so much better after having gone off of them.  However, I’m just not sure what my alternatives are.

I highly recommend checking out Caitlin’s series on this topic.  Between her information and the information in the comments section, I’ve learned so much.  I’d also love to hear your thoughts and experiences.  I’ve come to realize you’ve got to be your own health advocate, and knowledge is power people!

What are some of your experiences with birth control?  Have you had negative reactions?

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25 thoughts on “Yes, Please Pump Me Full Of Hormones!

  1. Michelle @ Eat Move Balance

    I decided to go off of BC pills just a couple of years ago, after being on them for about 12 years! I love it. I never want to go back! I feel so much more . . . . myself. I wish there were another method I was comfortable using, but I haven’t found anything yet.

    1. admin Post author

      I keep hearing everyone say that! I really want to go off of them, but I’m just not sure I’d be completely comfortable with the “natural” forms of birth control.

  2. Carrie @ Fitness and Frozen Grapes

    Let’s see–I went on BC during my sophomore year of college and thankfully didn’t experience any weight gain. I continued taking it through my junior year and stopped my senior year because I wasn’t crazy about pumping all those hormones into my body. (As a sidenote, it was really nice being on BC when I studied abroad–no periods and no dealing with weird tampons!) When I went off it, I actually lost weight (even though I didn’t gain any when I went on it), but that was the only noticeable difference I experienced.

    1. admin Post author

      Almost everyone I’ve talked to has said they lost weight when they went off of it. It makes me wonder how much birth control weight I’m hanging on to!

  3. Christine @ BookishlyB

    I went off the pill a year ago so that we could start trying to have a baby. Four months after going off my periods got weird- I’m convinced the pill was masking a problem (that we still haven’t found). Now, after 6 months of trying unsuccessfully (I know that’s not really that long) I wish I had never gone on the pill in the first place.

  4. Rebecca @ Blueberry Smiles

    I have had awful experiences with BC and will never ever go back on, they make me feel like a different person. You should get an IUD– my bff is an obgyn and swears by them (and they’re always removeable if you decide to have kids). I’m going to email you with my self-hosted questions!

  5. Tamara Lee @ Lively Happenings

    Natalie, this is SUCH a familiar subject to me. I am going to read more about Caitlin’s post tonight (working now). I was put on BC around the age of 18 because I was the same way. No periods except every 8-10 months. My mom, doctor, and even I thought it was the best. I was on birth control for over 7 years and only had maybe 3 natural periods my WHOLE LIFE. Last April, my husband and I decided that it would be fine for me to get off birth control. There was no need for me to be feeling hormonal and crazy 1-2 weeks ever month (crying, yelling at the dogs, hating work WAY more than normal…etc.). Also, we decided that if we had a baby, that would be fine. 7 months passed, no period. My doctor tested me and told me I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (leads to depression, infertility, lack of periods etc.) Then she told me I needed to have a period, her only suggestions were either more birth control (no thank you) or medroxyprogesterone, which makes you have a period with no ovulation (still not that great). We chose the latter. 7 days of the medroxyprogestrone pill, and a period came for a little over a week. 60 days passed, I was told in another 20 I would need to take another round of the pills. I was SO unhappy about that, then BAM my FIRST natural period came! WHAT! I was thrilled. That being said, now I too am searching for the best more natural approach to birth control. I found a great doctor, not the same one who gave me those pills, and he has my husband and I looking into Natural Family Planning. It may seem crazy and not the easiest thing to do when periods are not standard, but I am going to be giving it a try. I am making appointments w/ women who have more knowledge on the subject that can teach me and my husband proper methods and what to look for when ovulating so we can avoid getting pregnant or try to get pregnant at the time. I’ll likely start opening up on my blog about this, as I have not done so yet. After reading your post and skimming Caitlin’s, I can see how this is a subject that really does deserve attention. Sorry so long, you just really pulled my heartstrings!

    1. Natalie @ Free Range Human Post author

      No, that’s fine! I’m really interested to hear your story. I’ve actually heard several people mention PCOS the last couple of days and it’s really made me wonder. If you don’t mind my asking, did your periods regulate once you were on the pill or were you still not having any? I ask because mine have been standard since going on the pill, but I’m sure it’s different for everyone! Make sure you read some of the comments on Caitlin’s post. There’s a ton of them, but I learned so much!

      1. Tamara Lee @ Lively Happenings

        Def going to read through them all! My periods were regular on the pill. My new doctor is curious if I truly do have PCOS. He’s ordered my results from my first doctor to examine them. My bloodwork showed up as if I didn’t have it, but my ultrasound showed that my eggs were the string of pearls, meaning all the same size and none of them ovulating.

  6. reluctantlyskinny

    Congrats on the self hosting! I’ve had such horrible experiences on birth control, too. But, it seems like the best option since we’re not marries and don’t plan on children anytime within the next decade. I’ve tried many different pills and always had irregular periods, weight gain, bloating, and awful mood swings. I eventually switched doctors and he recommended switching to an older birth control called Necon. It’s helped with the mood swings and irregularity – I’d recommend it if you want to try switching.

  7. Heather @ Better With Veggies

    I have been on birth control since high school for severe cramping. I’m currently on the Nuvaring, which I think is actually less hormones, but certainly extra hormones. We don’t currently have any plans for kids either and the birth control is the easiest way to manage this with the least amount of chance for accidents.But I’m actually not worried about the hormones, maybe it’s me burying my head in the sand, but not something I can be concerned about it. :)

  8. Corrie Anne

    I was on birth control the first year we were married, but I’ll be perfectly honest and say that my prescription expired and I haven’t gone to a new doctor in CO. I don’t think it affected me that much — to the point where I started to wonder if it was working since my period wasn’t totally regulated by it! I actually bought it just over the counter when I lived in the DR. But I need to find a doctor here, just procrastinating.

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  10. Change of Pace

    Great conversation! Although I’m not big on taking extra hormones, my pill has worked really well for me (knock on wood). Besides the big one of not getting pregnant, my periods are now regular (I used to get them for up to 20 days at a time), they’re much lighter, I don’t get sick before my period (I used to get such bad cramps that I’d throw up), and I don’t get ovarian cysts anymore.
    I have lots of girlfriends who have had nothing but trouble when on the pill. I guess it’s just what works for each person, and what pills work or don’t work for them, too.
    Good luck in making an informed decision!

  11. di @ life of di.

    Birth control pills make me nuts! I’ve never found one that hasn’t made me 1) angry/irrational 2)sad/irrational 3)angry/sad/irrational. Seriously, they just don’t work for me :( Not to be TMI but we just don’t use any birth control and I keep track of my ovulating days in my phone on a period tracker app. This definitely isn’t the best way to keep from having a baby but it has worked for a year or so and, if we end up getting pregnant, we’re okay with that (despite the fact that we don’t PLAN on having a family until I’m 30.) Good luck with this – it can definitely be stressful to know what’s best for your family and your body!


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