Start Today!

I made it!  I made it!  It’s Friday!  Ok, I’ll try to contain myself, but there is some heel-clicking and happy dancing going on around here.  Do you remember my Sue Heck dance?  You better believe that’s going on today!

Thanks for the awesome response to my national parks post yesterday.  I’m glad to know you guys enjoy hearing about my adventures.  I’m going to work on part two of that piece, and have it to you next week.  I really love sharing all the great wonders this country (and the world, someday!) has to offer, and I can’t wait to see where the next round of travels take me.  I do have some mini-travel ahead of me this weekend. My dad is coming into town, and we’re taking him on a long day hike tomorrow.  I hesitate to mention it since our plans have been cancelled twice recently, but I really think the trail is a go this time!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it on Sunday.


My plans were to share a recipe with everyone today, but, unfortunately, my escapades in the kitchen didn’t work out this week.  Hey, sometimes you just have a recipe fail!  Instead, I wanted to talk about some of the goals I’ve set for myself for the month of November.  I’ve been seeing monthly goal posts popping up all over the place the last few days, and the idea intrigued me.  I’ve never been one for making New Year’s resolutions or having a written list of what I want to accomplish (<—I know that’s shocking since I love making lists!), but, as I’ve read over some other bloggers’ lists this week, I couldn’t help but think about what I want out life for the next month.

1.  Make New Friends

This one is actually a pretty big deal.  John has been after me since I moved here to try and meet new people.  I get really anxious in social situations, and I’m a total introvert around people I don’t know so putting myself out there is really hard for me.  Plus, I blame the fact that I went to a really small school so the friends I made in kindergarten are the ones I had for the next thirteen years.  I never really had to make new friends!  I have a plan to make this one happen.  Now let’s see if I have the nerve to go through with it!

2. Walk/Hike 150 miles

I told you all a few days ago that I’m participating in the Pile on the Miles challenge this month that Monica is hosting.  I’ve been wanting a goal to reach for when it comes to my exercise routine for a while now so this one is perfect!  150 miles seems like a huge number, but I’m so excited to see if I can reach it.

3.  Attend another yoga class

Last week, John and I were able to go to a yoga class in Ft. Smith, and I loved it!  I told you guys that, because of distance, it’s not feasible to commit to the class full-time, but I’d like to try to make one session a month.

4. Break up with the scale!  Seriously!

Honestly, I’ve been having a really hard time in this area for the last two weeks.  I’m back to weighing everyday, and I haven’t liked the number.  I have a number in my mind that I want, and I’ve been a good 3 to 4 pounds more than that.  I think it’s crazy that the difference between happy and crazy is three pounds, and I really need to let go!  I made a positive step towards making that happen yesterday.  If all goes well, I’ll tell you guys about it next week.


So that’s what I’m planning for November!  I think sharing them with all of you will be a great way to keep me accountable.  Now it’s time to rest and relax before our big hike tomorrow!  Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you Sunday with a recap!  Don’t forget to set your clocks back :)

What are your goals for November?

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14 thoughts on “Start Today!

  1. Alex @ therunwithin

    Great goals, writing them down always helps me. I hope you break up with that scale, that is no thing to be chained to! You are way better than any sort of number. I like your friends one as well, if i lived closer… oh man epic friendship hang out.

  2. Chelsie @ Balance, Not Scale

    I love your goals — they target both what you love and what you find difficult in equal measure, which I think is absolutely fabulous. Where the friends are concerned — just be yourself, people won’t be able to stop themselves from loving you!! You’re bright, confident, intelligent, and fun — all incredibly friendly and welcoming virtues.

    As for the scale … I’m really, really, really sorry that you’re having trouble. I know that you’re conscious of the fact that it’s making you upset. But I want you to do something for me. Go to your kitchen and grab six cups of water. That’s what you’re brain is playing with you over … the weight of six cups of water … I would say that my happiness and sanity isn’t worth that. I know you know that it’s just a number. Try bringing your thoughts to reality. I know, I KNOW, you can do it. Deep breath. And let it go. <3

    I'll be sending you back an email tonight before I go to sleep (which, by the looks of it might actually be in 90min … total grannie here!!).

  3. Carrie

    Great goals, Natalie! As a fellow list-lover, I’m totally behind writing down your aspirations for the month. (Note to self: write down your goals, Carrie!) Like you wrote, I need to expand my social circle, too. I’ve definitely stuck to one group of NYC friends; I text the same girls to get drinks, hang out with on weekends, etc. I’m such a creature of habit, though, so once I find something that works, I don’t want to change it.

    My number one “professional” goal is to get a big-girl job. Even though I love freelancing–and making my own hours and working from home–I do need a full-time “office” job right now. And having coworks would help expand my social network, too, actually.

    In terms of fitness, I really want to improve my swimming and cycling form and technique this month. It’s funny because I was reading Triathlete magazine, and all the experts say runners should spend their off-season in the pool and on the saddle. But I do want to do a few races for fun, too. :)

    1. Natalie @ Free Range Human Post author

      It seems to be common among triathletes to pick one sport that they tend to focus on more than others. I hope you’re able to get in some good time with the other two sports this month!

      I think it’s true about social circles and jobs. Unfortunately, I’m in a work setting with a lot of older people so it’s hard for me to make friends that way. I really plan on trying though if for no other reason than to get me out of my comfort zone!

  4. Jorie

    Love what you wrote on your scale! That is amazing. I am also three to four lbs above my “goal” right now, but it so does not matter. I also find that I will step on one day to find that I’m three to four lbs lighter. I’ve come to the conclusion that is mostly water weight, even if it’s not. 😉

  5. di @ life of di.

    I can COMPLETELY understand what you mean about the scale and how the 3-4 lbs can just ruin your day or make you push yourself harder just to drop those few extra lbs (which no one else can see anyways!) I’ve had a bit of an unhealthy relationship with my scale for the past two months and I really need to cut it out too. I hope you can feel some release from checking it this month :) Good luck. I know it’s a difficult thing.


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