Gone Girl

At least one weekend morning, pancakes happen around here and this morning was no exception. Check these things out.

John even got a few chocolate chips in his.  A wonderful start to a Sunday!

Gone Girl

Reading is one of my favorite things to do, and I definitely want to include book reviews as a part of this blog.  Back during the summer, the author of Gone Girl was on The View (I’m an avid watcher although the only one I like on that show is Whoopi!) to discuss her latest book.  It sounded interesting, and not long after that Julie selected it as her August Book Club pick.  I decided it was time to find out what all the fuss was about.  Unfortunately, when it came in the mail, I had about four books in line in front of it.  Trust me, if I had known what was in store for me, I would’ve pushed it to the top!

Spoiler Alert!

Gone Girl is the story of Nick and Amy Dunne, a Manhattan couple that has recently relocated to Nick’s hometown in Missouri.  The book opens on Nick and Amy’s fifth wedding anniversary which is also the day that Amy goes missing.  We learn pretty quickly that this is far from a storybook marriage and immediately you get the sense that the author is trying to make you believe Nick is the culprit.  It’s been my experience through thousands of books and hours and hours of TV and movies, that the obvious person is usually not the one to blame.  I couldn’t put a finger on what twist was coming, however.

I had imagined a hundred different scenarios and the plot twist never ever occurred to me.  About halfway through the book, we find out that Amy is a complete and total sociopath.  It is beyond scary how thoroughly she has set-up her husband to take the fall for her disappearance all in the name of punishing him for his various misdeeds.  I spent the rest of the book desperately hoping that she would get what she deserves.

That being said, the ending was a bit of a disappointment.  Not only was Amy not punished, she actually got everything she wanted.  Towards the end, Margo (Nick’s twin sister) said this to him, “You just want an excuse to stay.  You two, you’re f***ing addicted to each other.”  I think that sums it up perfectly, and I forced to conclude that Nick was just as crazy as Amy.  Perhaps they deserve each other!

Despite the ending, this book is a must-read.  I couldn’t put it down, and couldn’t get it out of my end when I was finished.  Let me tell you, I’ve had some very strange dreams the last few nights!  I’ll be glad to start something a little less intense.  In fact, I believe this is next on the agenda.

That’s what I’m off to do for the rest of the afternoon.  See everyone tomorrow!

Has anyone else read Gone Girl?  What did you think?

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    1. frhuman Post author

      I’m not really sure how it stacks up to Dean Koontz. I’ve only read one of his books-it was a long time ago, but I remember it being outstanding! Thanks for the recommendation….I love to read and will pick up just about anything someone recommends!


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